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Susan McNamara


Motivated by a strong desire to change old habits, improve posture and reduce stress, I made a gigantic leap retiring from a career in advertising sales and marketing for Yoga and more recently the Feldenkrais Method.   I'm a firm believer in the power of the breath and the mind-body connection, none of which came easily for me.   I got started to reduce stress and was surprised not only at how inflexible I was.... but of the constant motion of my mind.  It took some time before I realized it was the chatter in my mind, more than the body, that prevented me from experiencing  my practice.  My body may never twist into positions you see on the cover of yoga magazines and ....that's ok.  What's more important is learning  more about myself.  With a steady practice that allows me to move at the right pace for my body.... my personal benefits are countless, and include less back and neck pain, improved flexibility,  and best of all, a calmer nervous system.  I continue to practice, study, attend workshops and bring new ideas to class.  


As B.K. Iyengar said, "Words cannot convey the value of yoga, it has to be experienced."  


Currently I'm in my fourth year of the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program and those words hold true for the Feldenkrais Method.  It takes time to learn something new and why Feldenkrais movements are slow, gentle with reduced effort that provokes a curiosity of yourself.  With a steady practice, you can feel a difference and possibly change old habits with new awareness.  

You can reap all the benefits from the comfort of your own chair or a cushy mat.

 Join me and leave with a new-found energy.

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Certified Yoga Instructor
Anatomy Study, Yoga for Scoliosis
 Holistic Health 
Certified CPR – current
 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program



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