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"Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind."   Patanjali


Our daily activities require some basic mobility, and this energetic class will help you restore flexibility and balance. Practiced seated with some standing (optional), using a chair for support,  you'll move slowly on your own pain-free pace.  This class is for every "body" and particularly good for anyone with less mobility, arthritis, recovering from minor injuries, limitations or in a wheel chair.  We start in a seated position and turn our attention inward to sense and feel ourselves.  I'll walk you through slow, gentle movements that will help improve your range of motion, encourage better circulation and relax your nervous system.   Throughout the practice you are encouraged to work at your own pace and rest when needed.    Class is 45 min to an hour and we end in a final relaxation pose free from tension and anxiety. The quality of movement will surprise you and you'll leave feeling grounded and refreshed.  

Pull up a chair and see where it takes you.    

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